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BBQ Smokers

BBQ smokers are a great way to get that smokey flavor into your meats, chicken, fish and even vegetables.  Many people think that smoking is complicated and takes many hours of practice. The smokers Boyd's Equipment have, throw that misconception to the wind!

Kamado Joe Smoker

The Kamado Joe can be ready to cook in 15 minutes and can be used to smoke a brisket long and low, or sear some steaks at a high temperature. The versatility of this smoker is hard to beat. For more information, see our Kamado Joe Getting Started Guide. We also have some great videos in the product page below.

Green Mountain Pellet Smoker

These pellet smokers are perfect for a set it and forget it cooking time. The Green Mountain Smoker is basically an oven with smoke. You don't have to worry about controlling temperature in this grill. Set the temperature you want and it automatically holds it. All you have to do is keep the hopper loaded with pellets.

Weber Bullet Smokers

The Weber Smokers are an easy and affordable way to get smoke on your food. The quality and air-tight design of these smokers allow you to maintain temperatures for over 8 hours with minimal effort. These smokers are built with porcelain enamel on heavy gauge steel and are designed to last for many years.