4 Gallon Bayou Propane Fryer

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Heats From The Inside Out

The burner blasts hot air horizontally through the internal tubing, immersed in cooking oil.

Heat transfers from hollow metal tubing into the center of the oil.

Cooking oil is heated from the inside out, not from the bottom.

When frying, loose batter falls below the heat source into the V-Bottom and does not scorch.

Cooking oil lasts longer and food always Tastes Great!

V-Bottom Design

The Bayou Fryer is made like a restaurant fryer however, it uses propane. Unlike restaurant fryers, the Bayou Deep Fryer has a v-bottom design that keeps the base oil temperature cooler than the top frying temperature so batter does not burn and oil stays cleaner. This makes cooking with the Bayou Fryer more efficient.

The heat from the propane flows through the tube in the back of the Bayou Fryer and runs all the way through the fryer - rolling the oil. This is what heats the oil. The heated oil rises to a perfect temperature and keeps that temperature perfectly. The Bayou Fryer holds the heat so well, it uses less propane.

  •     Sturdy free standing unit
  •     2 Stainless steel baskets with cool touch handles
  •     Temperature gauge
  •     Drain valve
  •     10 PSI preset regulator with brass control valve
  •     Stainless braided hose

You can even use the same oil more then once!.


11.5"W x 14.5"D x 38.5"H

Uses Propane

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