John Henry Spices

Growing up in East Texas where barbeque is king, John Henry has wonderful memories of summer picnics, country fairs and great barbeque. So East Texas flavor was what he had in mind when he created his award winning barbeque sauce, spices and rubs.

John Henry is known nationally and internationally for his culinary expertise. In 1989, John was asked to personally handle the presidential inaugural dinner. He put together a team of 19 chefs, traveled to Washington, and prepared barbeque for President Bush along with 20,000 guests attending the celebration. Later, John was asked to accompany the President to Beijing, China and prepare his barbeque.



John Henry's Mojave Garlic Pepper Seasoning

Super on chicken and a delight when applied on prepared foods at the table!


John Henry's Pecan Marinade Injection

Apply your favorite rub before or after marinating or injecting this wonderful solution.


John Henry's Texas Brisket Rub

This blend is John Henry's award winning brisket rub that is very popular and is exceptionally flavorful.


John Henry's Texas Brisket Brine

The process is contained in this bottle and you can taste the time and labor involved to make it the very best on the market.