Green Mountain Premium Gold Blend Pellets

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Grill outside with earth-friendly hardwood pellets! You will truly enjoy this clean, healthy method to grill your favorite foods.

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These Premium Gold Blend pellets are a practically perfect blend of choice hardwoods that subtly bring out the flavor of the food without overpowering it. The Green Mountain Grill pellets are oak based and larger which means they last longer than standard alder based pellets. 

This mellow blend of Red Oak, American Hickory, and Mountain Maple subtly flavors your food without overpowering it. These are some of the hardest of the hardwoods and produce a long burn with modest smoke.

We produce GMG pellets from 100% kiln-dried sawdust which stays clean throughout the process. The natural lignin present in all woods binds the pellets together without any additives whatsoever.

One bag of these pellets contains 28-lbs. of pellets instead of the normal 20-lbs. They are almost 100% dust-free. That means you get to use all of the pellets you buy instead of just most of them. Enjoy grilling with a 28-lbs. bag of Premium Gold Blend cooking pellets!

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