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Move over, guys. The ladies are taking over. This FREE and informative grilling guide is tailored for all the gals who want to grill with the best of them, no matter how high their heels.

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Download now for everything from basic grill functionality to fresh and flavorful recipes, tips, and techniques. 


Who knows when, or why, or how it all came about, but men historically have taken the lead when it comes to grilling. That being the case, the sport of grilling has come to be dominated by images of chest-pounding, fire-breathing, testosterone-marinated men out minding the fire while the women stay a safe distance away.

Well not in our backyards. We’re the women of Weber. We’re fire-tending, sauceslatheringGirls of the Grill. Some of us have grown to love grilling as a happy by-product of working for the best known brand of outdoor barbecue grills in the world. Others of us joined Weber with our passion for grilling fully on fire. The one constant is we love to grill!

One day, while gathered around the grill (we do that a lot), we came up with the grand idea of writing a guide to grilling just for women. We travel around the globe grilling and greeting consumers, and we know from talking to you—our grillfriends—that you are hungry for information, from basic how-to’s to more advanced grilling techniques. That fact is confirmed by the number-crunchers in our research department who tell us that more and more women are getting into the sport everyday.

In the coming pages you’ll find information on how a grill works and how to choose one that’s right for you. We also have included some of our favorite recipes, both basic and more advanced, and lots of grilling tips and insider techniques to make your form flawless.

Whether you are a girl who has wrestled the tongs away from your husband/boyfriend/significant other, or you are a single-spatula household, this booklet is just for you.

Book download is in .pdf format.

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