Home Brew Equipment Starter Kit

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Combine this kit with one of our ingredient starter kits, and you will have everything you need to brew beer except the bottles and a brew kettle.

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This kit includes all the equipment you need to brew your own beer, except for a stock pot, bottles and caps. (caps come in every Brewer's Best Beer Ingredient Kit)

Kit Includes:

  • 6.5 Gallon Ale Pail Primary Fermenter with Drilled and Grommeted Lid,
  • 6.5 Gallon Ale Pail Bottling Bucket with Bottling Spigot,
  • Home Beermaking Book,
  • Plastic Brew Paddle,
  • Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser,
  • Bucket Clip,
  • Twin Lever Capper,
  • Hydrometer,
  • Airlock
  • Liquid Crystal Thermometer,
  • Siphon and Bottling Set-Up,
  • Bottle Brush,
  • Equipment Instructions


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