Green Mountain Grills Premium Texas Blend Pellets

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Grill outside with earth-friendly hardwood pellets! You will truly enjoy this clean, healthy method to grill your favorite foods.

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Premium Texas Blend is packed full of big Texas flavor in every pellet and is a perfect choice of hardwoods to bring out the flavor in your food without overpowering it. This aromatic blend of Black Oak, American Hickory, and a hint of Texas Mesquite offers a consistent flavorful smoke throughout the cook.

We produce GMG pellets from 100% kiln-dried sawdust which stays clean throughout the process. The natural lignin present in all woods binds the pellets together without any additives whatsoever.

One bag of these pellets contains 28-lbs. of pellets instead of the normal 20-lbs. They are almost 100% dust-free. That means you get to use all of the pellets you buy instead of just most of them. Enjoy grilling with a 28-lbs. bag of Premium Gold Blend cooking pellets!

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