12th South Trunk - Reclaimed Wood - Sound Reactive Fire System

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Reclaimed Barn wood texture with old world Trunk style, this fire table draws inspiration from the Old South. Hand crafted in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, this piece of furniture is made to withstand the elements while providing an exceptional outdoor experience. Handcrafted from lightweight glass-fiber-reinforced concrete in the style of reclaimed wood, a touch of powder coated steel corners for accent, black matte burner pan creates an old world feel paired with the latest in outdoor technology.


  • 60" x 30" x 24"
  • Weight: 500 lbs
  • 36" 75k BTU Stainless Steel Burner with Black Matte Finish Pan
  • 2 x 6" Harman / Kardon Weather Ready Sound System
  • MCFC SRFS Touch Panel Display
  • LED Lighting
  • Propane or Natural Gas (With Conversion Kit)


MCFC SRFS Touch Panel includes all Features. Multiple Modes, Bluetooth, Wifi, App integration, USB port, Aux in / out , Adjustable flame height, LED Customization and User Setting Customization.

A New Evolution Has Arrived!

These incredibly cutting-edge systems feature our patented Sound-Reactive Fire technology; turning any Firescape into a dynamic display of dancing flames and a versatile entertainment centerpiece. With four distinct operating modes that blend music and fire together, and an included app that works as a remote, any fire pit built with a Pro Series Kit will give your clients unparalleled control over fire, in turn enhancing the way they interact with their outdoor space. Couple this control with an auto-ignition and auto-flameout detection safety system, and you have unmatched convenience and smart performance never before seen in a home fire pit.

4 Different Modes

Below are videos showing our four different modes. Sound Reactive, Fire and Music, Music Only and Fire Only. Each mode can quickly be accessed via the control panel or app and allows you to use the system any way you want.

Sound Reactive Mode

What we have become known for - Our Sound Reactive Fire Mode. This mode features our special dancing flame along with music streaming from a smart device

Fire & Music Mode

For the quiet and relaxing times, a dancing flame maybe a little too much. In this mode, the fire acts as a traditional flame with height adjustments while still utilizing the Bluetooth connectivity to stream music. Music and Fire without the reaction.

Music Only Mode

Fires are great - except on hot afternoons in the middle of July. With our systems, the Bluetooth and sound features can be utilized separately from the fire. Connect up, hit play and let the music do the rest.

Fire Only Mode

We get it - Sometimes only a normal traditional flame is needed. We have that too! In our Fire Only mode, it’s just a traditional flame with the adjustable flame height feature.


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