Hargrove 30" Canyon Timbers Vented Gas Log Set

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Canyon Timbers Vented Gas Logs

Hargrove's Canyon Timbers Radiant Heat logs redefine the role of a vented gas log set.

Vented gas logs are usually considered a decorative appliance, as their primary function is to provide the most realistic recreation of a natural wood fire, while replacing the drawbacks of burning wood with the safety and convenience of gas.

Vent-free gas logs typically provide more radiant heat than a traditional vented log set, but must be designed to burn much more cleanly than vented, thus compromising a great deal of their realism.

Normally, consumers are forced to choose between the increased heating capability of vent-free and the greater realism of vented gas logs. With Hargrove's new Rustic Timbers Radiant Heat log set, you no longer have to choose heat over realism - you can have the finest log set available and all the heat you want.

Canyon Timbers logs have a striking look with their deep bark texture and detailed char areas. Flames work through all areas of the log stack resembling a roaring campfire.

Hargrove has developed a revolutionary new molding process, which captures all the detail you expect from Hargrove, but was previously unattainable with ceramic fiber logs.

Ceramic fiber contributes to the outstanding radiant heating characteristics of Rustic Timbers and also adds a warm, natural glow to the middle area of the fire, further enhancing the set's realism.

Log set is available online in Natural Gas only. For LP, call Boyd's for the safety pilot kit.

Hargrove's Radiant Heat series vented log sets allow you to have the most realistic looking log set with all of the heat you want.

  • Radiant Riser technology directs the heat output forward

  • Revolutionary molding process gives log detail previously unattainable with Ceramic Fiber Logs

  • Ceramic Fiber material and Hargrove's Radiant Riser gives much greater heating efficiency than other vented log sets

  • Heat comparable with vent-free sets, with realistic fire and ember bed not possible with vent-free units

Rustic Timbers Install
Installing the RusticTimbers Log Set